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Access control is a system which enables you to control authority of who has access to certain areas to your building. Within the field of physical security, an access control system in the physical structure of security is normally seen as the second layer.

Every business and organisation in the world has assets and information that require protection. Another key issue is the protection of business’ staff and property. A lock on a car door or a PIN on an ATM system are various forms of access control. The inconvenience and expense of changing locks if keys get lost means a waste of time and money. This can also create even more security risks as keys can be copied very easily.

Many buildings are secured by locks and keys which mean that doors are left unlocked for most of the day. This can lead to possible theft or crime and the cause of malicious damage, but with the use of an access control system, these theft possibilities can be restricted and will also provide a safer working environment.

You will never have to change a lock again when installing an access control system. It provides the most efficient way of securing your building and assets. The use of tokens, cards or fobs will enable a business to give access to staff through controlled doors. If a token, card or fob is lost, stolen, or not returned, and then these can all be barred therefore maintaining the level of security.

The access control system will automatically lock all the doors controlled by the system, once the system has been installed. Only people with a PIN or token will be able to enter through controlled doors within the access control system.

Flexible control over users’ access rights is a method of restricting access to staff that doesn’t require access to certain areas of the building. Also, access may be restricted by time, only allowing access to particular users at certain times of day or night. This is also useful for contractors as an expiry date can be set so that the fob will not work after a certain time period.


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